Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why Use Carpet Base?
Carpet base is used as an attractive alternative to conventional baseboards made of vinyl, wood, or rubber. At Carpet Binding Services, carpet base can be fabricated using your carpet scraps and offers design continuity and more than superior aesthetics. Custom Carpet Base is a much softer alternative to the old standard once popular vinyl (cove) base. The use of a carpet base can be used to protect walls from scuffs and vacuum cleaning appearing very neat and clean.

Carpet Binding Services provides cutting, binding and delivers carpet and cove base to contractors and retail stores in the entire Washington, Maryland and Virginia area. They are expanding their cove base business and will now ship to those customers outside the area.

Carpet Base Features:
  • Carpet cove base is the latest room enhancement that is being used by more businesses and interior designers;
  • Carpet cove base is a great alternative to wood or vinyl baseboards in most any commercial installation including hotels and public buildings;
  • Carpet cove base is beautiful and will always match your carpet, because the cove base is your carpet;
  • Offers easy installation by you or your carpet installer. Note: CBS offers, self adhesive carpet base for easier installation;
  • Durable. Carpet cove base will not scuff and will last longer than traditional installations. Carpet cove base will last for as long as you keep your carpet;
  • Carpet cove base is affordable. Besides being more affordable than traditional products, CBS produces your cove base product from your carpet, which saves you even more money.
  • Carpet cove base doesn’t show scuff marks, hides wall imperfections, doesn’t dent, makes room appear larger, and makes cleaning easier.
  • Preferred by housekeeping staffs in businesses and hotels.

Contact us at Custom Carpet Base !
Whether the job is for a few hundred feet or several thousand feet of carpet base they are able to meet customers due dates for installation when planned for in advance. Rush orders are handled on a case-by-case basis. Carpet Binding Services is also capable of cutting and binding uni-bond (hot melt backing) carpet base.

Contractors, please, click here, to send an email or call our office at 301-773-1334 fax 301-773-1336 with your specs before bidding your carpet installation, and we can give you a competitive price and quick turnaround.

Carpet Binding Services
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